Kamis, 07 April 2011

Don't get me wrong

To most of us, personality usually means how a person behaves toward other people or event. Is she/he nice or boring? talk active or quite? But I was very surprised knowing that some of my friends judge someone's personality by only seeing their outer appearances! I would say that it just totally unfair. How come they have an idea about judging someone else personality by only seeing their clothes, mimics or hairs?! Have you ever being a victim of their short thought? Well, I have ;(.

I always thought that going on with my life meant so much pleasure. Many things seemed to work out right.But one conversation with a friend bothered me. She often notice my appearance and performance, one day when I cut my hair, she asked me why I did it and why I prefer short hair? The answer is, in this case I am don't prefer short hair than long hair, I was kind of bored with my long hair, that's all.
As you are all know, a couple weeks ago I had my hair cut shorter. When I met her, again she asked why I cut my hair, then she concluded that I am a tomboy! Whaaaatt...??!!
Well, being a tomboy wasn't a bad, but I don't feel like I am tomboy. I was surprised that some people consider short hair as a tomboy personality. I disagree! short hair just a part of it. In another way, I have my own thoughts about short hair, short hair for me is classy, simple, healthy and being able to be different from most of girls. Having a short hair doesn't mean having tomboy personality. Uughh..what a foolish.
Well,  I don't expect that people judge me as a girly one as well, that's another inconvenience! The point is I don't want people to labeled me, because whether tomboy or girly, both are not really me. Yes, it just like between a rock and a hard place and honesty their opinion almost drive me up the wall! 
Of course their opinion won't change or persuade me,  I do what I like as long as it isn't hurt people, I know exactly what I want and I am finding my feet. I tried many different things when I was kid, some are persuaded by my friends, but I am older now and more fixed in my ways.
Hmmm..well, I am not going to get down to brass the track, it only somebody's opinion and much better to get over it, right? ;)


Photo Editor : me
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  1. kamu ngedit potonya pake apa ya? bagus banget...=)

  2. aku uda follow kok dear...
    swear swear heehehhe...

    oiya bole lasih masukan...glowing effects di potonya lebih bagus klo ditiadakan dan dijadiin vintage karena kayaknya klo vintage warnany asemuanya kayaknya akan jadi lebih tambah sweeetttt ^_^

  3. nice pictures! i love that telephone ♥

  4. cute blog and post
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  5. I agree! I used to be the girl who loves short hair. And, It's not tomboy...It's chic!

    By the way, I am following you now. I hope you will do the same for me.

    Hugs and kisses,

  6. you look so pretty, i love the flowers!

    <3 steffy
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  7. can you cut your hair shorter than this?...i think it will suit you... :)

  8. Beautiful pictures and lovely style! Following!

  9. Hi, love your blog. Have just followed you. xx

  10. Lovely pics!
    You look so pretty;)
    I love especially the photos with the phone:)
    I just found your blog,it's very cute.I added to your followers:)I'm very happy if you follow me too
    Greetings from Tuscany

  11. these photos are brilliant, very dreamy.

  12. Lovely!! I love the pics!!

  13. old telephone... and great pics! I like it...

  14. Your hair is lovely. I think short hair can be very androgynous on some people but yours isn't that short! It's a cute length on you!

  15. I'm agree with u Dit, U don't like a tomboy girl as her said.

    dia nilai dari sisi mana sih? dari mana2 kamu ini keliatan tomboinya, nggak sedikitpun...
    aku suka gaunnya >.<

  16. tulisanmu tentang hatchiko menghilang kemana, dit? hihihi....

  17. yayyy! new post finally ... ;P these pictures are simply amazing darling you did good. as for your outfit ADORABLE! i love it. heheh i would love to be friends ;D



  19. i love your shoes and your sweet comments on my blog :) i've following you already, dear :)

  20. Bagus lho rambutnya Kak Dita ;)
    Kayak apapun yg dibilang orang, diri kita ya tetep diri kita.
    Like ^^b

  21. i like color
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